Shipboard Payroll Handling and Administrations

As covered by separate agreements, Seacrest provides its Owners/Managers the flexibility to have Seacrest Philippine office handles the preparation and management of shipboard payroll of its crew for its vessels.

Seacrest will liaise directly with the ships Masters and Owners office in order to efficiently handle the procedures on payroll and corresponding deductions and payments.

Owners generally provides Seacrest its payroll and accounting guidelines that will enable Seacrest to faithfully administer shipboard payroll as per existing company procedures .

This can involve as well allotment remittances for foreign crew employed by the Owners on their ships.

The above service is available to Owners who might wish to use Seacrest to outsource their payroll work and thus provide savings for the company in terms of manpower and wage costs if this is done in the Owners office.



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