Mission and Vision


We are committed to :

Service to our various stakeholders - Principals, seafarers, crew families, and our employees that will not only deliver efficient service but economic values to all those we serve.

Team spirit in the things that we do to achieve our goals and objectives. The team synergy shall be harnessed to its full potentials for the company to achieve great results.

Empowerment of our officers and staff to create an environment that will both nurture their professional growth and try to achieve a balanced work-life setting.

Passion for excellence in everything we do. No task is too small to give every employees' best in their work.

Social service that will make our company a part of community and nation building.

We shall always take the extra steps to deliver our business mission to all those we serve.


We shall be the preferred business partner of our Clients in the area of crew management services and related maritime activities



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